Trustfolio trademarks the phrase 'debt-tech'

Lou Yates, CEO, Trustfolio
14 June 2022

Trustfolio Ltd, the fintech collective behind the AdviceUK-backed Debt Adviser Support Portal and the new Creditor Debt Solutions Platform and Debt Solutions Provider Portal being used by the likes of Birmingham City Council and McCambridge Duffy, has trademarked the phrase ‘debt-tech’.

After coining it ahead of announcing two major acquisitions and re-launching the company back in January 2022, the Trustfolio team wanted to be recognised as the only fintech company with an in-depth understanding of the whole lifecycle of personal debt. They bring years of first-hand experience from across the consumer credit, debt advice, collections and insolvency industry in both the public and private sectors, to the development of unique digital tools that are user-friendly, fit-for-purpose, and address a specific challenge.

Trustfolio defines ‘debt-tech’ as: Combining innovative technology with a deep understanding of the credit and debt sector to enable better consumer debt solutions for social good.

So don’t forget when it becomes part of common parlance – you heard the phrase ‘debt-tech’ here first!