Trustfolio launches ‘debt-tech’ podcast with expert guest Money and Pensions Service’s Craig Simmons

Lee Usher, Creditor Services Director, Trustfolio
31 May 2022

Trustfolio Ltd, the debt-tech™ collective behind the new Creditor Debt Solutions Platform now being adopted by Local Authorities and the well-established AdviceUK-backed Debt Adviser Support Portal, has launched a new podcast exploring how digitisation is changing the consumer debt sector.

The first episode, out now, is hosted by Trustfolio’s Creditor Services Director Lee Usher and Non-Executive Director Peter Wallwork, who are joined by expert guest Craig Simmons, Money & Pensions Service’s Head of Debt Advice Policy & Strategy. It was recorded at the Institute of Revenues Rating and Valuation’s (IRRV) Spring Conference 2022 at the Queens Hotel in Leeds and asks the ‘difficult questions’ about the current debate around debt advice commissioning, funding, advertising, and access.

Host Lee Usher, who has worked across the credit and debt advice landscape for both private sector companies and Government, says:

“The Trustfolio team brings a unique perspective from across the whole debt landscape and our digital tools are designed to increase collaboration between creditors, third parties, advisers, and others involved in the administering of debt solutions to improve consumer outcomes. By inviting guests from across the sector to discuss and debate the most pressing topical issues, we hope to find new and innovative ways of working together to use tech for good.”

Co-host Peter Wallwork, former Chief Executive of Credit Services Association (CSA), the UK trade body for the debt collection sector, adds:

“Craig was a great first guest to have on our new debt-tech™ podcast. We know that dialogue between different groups within the wider sector is key to break down barriers to embracing new technology and find solutions that work for all and we were particularly interested in what he had to say about the hotly debated ‘wide of the mark’ report recently published by the CSA. Data-driven decision making is clearly going to be a key way to address the huge challenges we face in such turbulent economic times.”

Each bitesize (15-20 minutes) episode of the Trustfolio debt-tech podcast will give professionals working in the credit, debt, and related sectors, the opportunity to hear industry influencers discuss and debate the pros and cons of utilising the latest fintech to support those in financial difficulty.

Listen to episode 1 below or wherever you get your podcasts!